Tennis betting Tips for better results


By choosing tennis as your preferred sport for betting, you have already given yourself an “edge” against those who bet on or offer odds on other sports. To use this “edge” to make money consistently, however, you’ll need to understand various factors to consider before placing your bet.

The best tips on how to bet on tennis games

Never look at just the odds. Go for a well-constructed system than just a game. You should not go for only the 50% odd calculation. Plan you’re research if tennis was that predictable no one would bet on it. There are ups and downs, and you need to be aware of the court type sand player advantages as well.

Tennis can be easy to analyze due to the low player count however many think doubles matches are the same deal. That is not the case. There is a significant chance that maybe your doubles match will lead to disastrous results due to the inclusion of that 25% more odds. So think carefully if you are just starting out.

Female matches are just as same as male matches. There are rumors that female tennis matches are a bit harder to analyze, but the case is if you have got enough data then you can analyze any match in the same way. Never go for just the wins count. There are a lot of times when you may feel inclined towards betting on a player since he has a 60% win count. That is because maybe he has been playing fewer matches than his opponent.

Analyzing tennis matches

There are various ways to ensure that you have the upper hand when you bet on any tennis games. Firstly Tennis Livescore is a great help. You can go ahead and check the results from time to time to ensure that you can follow the players thoroughly. This will help you develop a knack for knowing how the game will end by just checking stats and player performance in the last few games.

The following are factors to consider when betting on tennis.

Rating in Tennis

Rating in tennis is the surface. And the thing is that the difference in the game most of the tennis players on different surfaces so significant that the rating thus completely loses its value. Incidentally, the rating must be considered at all in the last turn in the pre-match analyst, as it often confuses rather than helps.

Tennis Players Status and Motivation

A question of psychology, in particular motivation of players – it is one of the key aspects of the pre-match analysis. Ceteris paribus is a tennis player motivation is a crucial factor influencing the outcome of the meeting. It is important to know what the prize is not the only component of motivation, motivate the player can be membership domestic tournament, support in the stands, the prospect of an increase in rating.

Tennis Ground

The tennis match ground depends on which players will be meeting. As you know, in tennis there are four types of basic ground: soil, grass, carpet and hard. Tennis Grand Slam tournaments are held not only on the carpet, but it is held in all the types of ground. Of course, each of these four tennis ground has specific features, but the main one is the rebound.

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